IH Firearm Education

Welcome to the Iron Horse Firearm Education Car!

Citizen rights to firearms is a basis of freedom.  IH offers, therefore, firearm training as an ongoing supply of needed knowledge to all who choose to exercise this privilege.

Three Current Firearm Services of Iron Horse:

Goal Hill

Hi, Welcome to Goal Hill.  These partnerships go on as long as you would like.  We help you walk up to the top of the hill of the firearm goals that you have started taking steps to fulfill.

There are some challenging parts along the way and a helping hand that is knowledgeable, friendly and professional, can make a big difference (and make the way more fun, safer and more winsome).

Take a moment and jot down the goals you set for yourself in your use of firearms.  If the theory doesn’t match your current reality – reach out and talk with us about Goal Hill.  You will feel better having fulfilled the steps you chose to accomplish.

Teacher of Generations

Today many family leaders want to be able to teach the generations beneath them in the family tree how to safely own, maintain and effectively use firearms but lack the knowledge and background to do so.

­­It is recognized that the manner whereby such knowledge of the firearm heritage is conveyed is relevant to the meaning and value that the generations will receive.  There may be options for sources of teaching within the family tree or without, but it is decided by the Candidate that their personal handling of the dissemination has specific worth.

All that must be known to properly teach family and others the firearm culture can be learned, providing the Candidate possesses a reasonable basis of firearm familiarity.

Iron Horse will supply to Candidate, often in group setting with multiple Candidates present, the essential knowledge, skill and attitude to conduct training as explained above.

Candidate must demonstrate competence across a matrix of criteria to receive the course completion certificate.  Payment does not guarantee graduation and certification.  All Candidates expressing a consistent positive attitude and willingness to invest themselves in learning processes should graduate and are expected to graduate.  While prior experience of all relevant types may prove beneficial, no prior experience beyond reasonable familiarity with firearms is required or necessary. Safe, effective firearm instructing requires diligence in the use of rules and responsibility for the correctness of instructional content.  Naturally, the Candidate’s levels of relevant enrichment prior to the TGP (Teacher of Generations Program), as well as investment in continued learning afterwards, will affect what their students receive.

Course is conducted on a schedule designed to be convenient to Candidates who have diverse work / life schedules.  A mixture of weekend days and weekday afternoon-evening segments combine to constitute course progression.

Candidate will purchase at least one firearm, from any reputable supplier, as a part of the course, if they do not possess one that is suitable to utilize in their subsequent instructing.

While the Teachers of Generations Certification Program is much wider in scope of training, the National Rifle Association’s Basic Instructor Training on the specific discipline of Basics of Pistol Shooting OR Basic Rifle for Instructors shall be provided as a component of TGP.  This allows the Candidate, upon graduation, to utilize NRA materials and systems and to secure well priced insurance should they so desire.  TGP is an Iron Horse course and has not been reviewed by NRA.

CCP Authorization

Iron Horse provides Concealed Carry Authorization Certificates that are honored by Sheriff’s Offices in the State of Colorado.  We teach an excellent set of firearm safety rules, the use of force law portion of the CRS – Colorado Revised Statutes, real defensive shooting technique AND provide positive environments with small class size so you can ask questions and come away having really enjoyed the experience!